First Edition

Coming soon – The first edition of our  online School Newspaper.

 Once live the newspaper will be available for viewing  online at anytime.  Articles will be added on a regular basis. A reminder on School-Links will go out at the end of each week .

Parents will need to subscribe to the site for which there is no cost. These details will be sent to you via School-Links. This will occur just prior to our School Newspaper’s first edition going live, You will be able to view both current and archived news. We will have video clips,  articles and photos in our newspaper.   In some cases, parents will be able to submit comments.

Parents who wish can subscribe to an RSS Feed through which you will be notified by email when new articles are published.

Cyber safety: All video clips will be stored on a private You Tube feed and unable to be accessed by the general public. Children will be identified by first names and room numbers only. All comments or contributions will be subject to editorial scrutiny before publication.


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