Changes to lunch orders

Fishy Business Sushi will not be available during Term 2 but may resume in Term 3.

EZlunch / Go deli have changes to their menu for term 2:

Go-Deli has decided to put more noodle type meals on their menu for term 2 which I am sure will become firm favourites with some of your students, as follows:

New to the menu:

  • Chinese Style Noodle Salad Combo
  • Fried Dumpling Package
  • Bun & Salad Combo
  • Pork & Cabbage Bun (Steamed)
  • Red bean Paste Bun (Steamed)
  • BBQ Pork Bun (Steamed)
  • Vegetarian Bun (Steamed)
  • Vegetable Noodle Salad (Small)
  • Rice Balls with Salad
  • Tofu Pockets with Salad

Also, a brand new NZ product – WDOM Lactose Free Real Dark Chocolate Milk


No longer on the menu:

  • Potato Skins filled with cheese & baked beans
  • Brazilian Cheese Bread
  • Gluten Free Cookies
  • Kumara Chips
  • Roasted Fa-va Beans
  • Mill Orchard Juices (Apple, Apple & Boysenberry)

Changes to existing items:

  • Popcorn available Thursday-Friday
  • Organic Seaweed Thursday-Friday
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