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Welcome to the St Joseph’s Fitness-athon for 2019! 

The aim of this PTFA fundraiser is to:

  • Get fit
  • Have fun
  • Raise money for playground equipment

How to prepare? (Students)

  1. Start practising your skipping, running and hula hooping!
  2. Ask people to sponsor you – they can either sponsor you per minute or just donate an amount
  3. Fill the sheet you received last week (There are more sheets available. Ask you teacher) and bring it into school before Wednesday, 7th August. Give it to your teacher. 

When will it take place?

Wednesday of Week 3:     7th August

Kakariki team: 9:15am – 10:15am

Kakapo team: 11:15am – 12pm

Kea team: 12pm –            12:30pm

Kiwi team: 1:45pm –       2:05pm

What students will do:

Students will complete a circuit of Running, Skipping and Hula hoops

Kakariki goal:    1 hour

Kakapo goal:     45 minutes

Kea goal:            30 minutes

Kiwi goal:          20 minutes

Once students have achieved their goal, they will collect the donated money and bring it into school. Last day for bringing in donations will be Friday, 23rd August. Money and forms to be handed into the PTA box in the school office.


Individual, Home Group, House

The amount of money individual students raise will determine the distribution of the prizes

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