It’s On! Centenary Picnic, Come One, Come ALL, this Sunday 16 February!

The Centenary picnic for our Parish Family will go with a swing this Sunday, 16 February, immediately following the 10 am Mass. It will also include a social welcome to our new priest, Father Carlo.

For the elderly and infirm, we’ll set up tables and chairs in the Lounge downstairs, otherwise you are invited to find your own picnic spots in the grounds between the Lounge and the school, with overflows into the green area adjacent to the old orphanage. Bring your own umbrellas, sun umbrellas, and, of course, hats, sun cream etc. and your own food and drink…

But wait, there’s more..

Immediately outside the entrance to the Lounge, there will be a barbeque, cooking sausages and providing slices of bread and tomato sauce. Immediately inside that door, in the lounge, will be a table with a selection of Filipino food, so no one will go hungry.

For the children:

There will be games for kids ages 5 to 12 years old, and games for other ages as well. Be prepared for a quiz about Parish history.

Welcome Father Carlo:

Before lunch starts, Monsignor David will say grace, and formally welcome Father Carlo to our parish, to which Fr Carlo will reply. We’ll have a sound system audible both outside and inside so everyone will hear what’s being said. In charge of the proceedings will be Janine Ramos and Josh Pereira.

Why we should all attend:

As we come to the formal end of our Centenary Year on 19 March (the Feast of Saint Joseph) this will be our main opportunity to express our spirit of unity as a parish and as a Catholic community, and get to know each other better.

See you here this Sunday!

Parish website: (click on PARISH CENTENARY 2019).

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