Noel Leeming Friends & Family Offer

The Noel Leeming Friends and Family offer is available from 6 - 12 November 2019 for staff and students, along with their families, and friends associated with Catholic schools. Cost plus 10% store-wide (excludes IT [...]

2019-10-23T12:23:14+00:00 23rd October 2019|

St Vincent de Paul Foodbank

Thank you so much to the children Thank you so much to the children, mums and dads of St Joseph's School for tht donations to the Foodbank. Your help is always appreciated. St Vincent de [...]

2019-09-13T14:17:42+00:00 13th September 2019|

PhotoLife Online Ordering

PhotoLife Important Information Online ordering Photo Key   Students from HG’s 1-14 have been given an Online Photo Access Key slip, as the photos are now uploaded and ready to view online.   The schools [...]

2019-06-07T12:33:27+00:00 7th June 2019|

Whooping cough

We have a confirmed case of Whooping cough at our school. As this is contagious the child is off school. If you are concerned and want to know more about Whooping Cough you can go [...]

2019-04-09T08:51:06+00:00 9th April 2019|

Changes to lunch orders

Fishy Business Sushi will not be available during Term 2 but may resume in Term 3. EZlunch / Go deli have changes to their menu for term 2: Go-Deli has decided to put more noodle [...]

2019-04-05T11:03:08+00:00 5th April 2019|

Calling all unwanted Mobile Phones

It would be great if you could rummage around in your drawers and toy boxes and bring into School any unwanted mobile phones you may have. Phones collected help our School gain valuable rewards and [...]

2019-03-27T11:30:57+00:00 27th March 2019|

Winter ailments

It’s that time of year again when we are seeing what appears to be a never ending cycle of sickness.    Hygiene is as always one of the main reasons for this. Please discuss with [...]

2018-07-04T13:27:51+00:00 4th July 2018|

Newsletter Term 4 Week 8

CATHOLIC CHARACTER NEWS   PRINCIPALS FOR THE DAY Josh F and Jake H have each been Principal for the Day. These are their reflections on their day.   Mr Josh F Principal for the Day [...]

2017-12-11T15:50:13+00:00 8th December 2017|
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