Newsletter Week One 2016




Our Term’s Living and Learning Focus is


Our School Values are

Tina Justice, Pono Truth, Aroha Compassion, Manaakitanga Hospitality and Tapu Respect for the Environment

Lived out in our Motto

Courtesy Care Co-operation Courage

The Learning Model for our school is: “To Know To Do To Use”

Learning to Learn at St Joseph’s  #L2L

The way that learning happens in today’s schools differs from what most of the adults in the children’s lives experienced.


In the past, high stakes were put on the “19th century clerk model”:

  • Being right and being in trouble if you made an error
    •Copying from the board or a book
    •Listening to teacher as “sage on the stage”
    •Accepting what you’re told without question
    •Working alone and being quiet
    •Sitting still at a desk and not fidgeting
    •Remembering facts
    •Showing deference regardless of how you were treated
    •Following instructions and not using your initiative
    •Being evaluated by a superior


A question we must continually ask ourselves is “Are the learning experiences, environment and styles preparing our children for a world in which there is there will be a lifelong need to be a ‘21st century explorer’ ”?

 Being adventurous
Creating ideas
Discussing with peers
Questioning things

Knowing what you are learning and why and what you need to do in order to achieve

Being a problem solver
Working with others
Being active
Imagining possible solutions
Showing initiative
Taking responsibility
Self and peer evaluating 


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Getting To Know You Evenings

Thank you to the parents who attended the Camp Meeting.  Each Team’s families will be invited to Picnic and Information Evenings during the next few weeks.



Lent starts on Wednesday next week. There will be an Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the Church at 2 P.M. for the whole school. Parents are welcome to attend.  Pope Francis has chosen as the Lenten theme: Light a Fire in the Heart of the World.” Lent is a time to reflect on our lives and make some changes to restore the balance in every aspect of our lives: physical, mental and emotional, spiritual and in family/whanau relationships. It is also a time when we try to do something practical to help those whose lives may be in darkness in some way. As a school community we are guided by Caritas. The children will be learning about aspects of people’s lives in Cambodia, and the money raised in our mission collections will be donated to Caritas at the end of Lent.


Lent is the period of preparation for Easter – a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving to the poor. During this season, we remember that Jesus Christ – Hēhu Karaiti calls us as members of a worldwide community. The call to fullness of life, the sharing in the very life of God, gives every human life enormous value and a deep and sacred dignity. As children of God we each have the same needs and longings: for food, water and shelter; for protection of family and whānau; for education and work; for the opportunity to pray and reflect; and for a safe and peaceful environment in which to live.

During this time of Lent, we will listen to Pope Francis’ call for ‘justice, fairness and respect for every human being.’ Our aim is to work together to ensure that all people share in the fruits of the earth.

Give us the wisdom to see Lent as an opportunity to act to end poverty so that all people may live their lives in justice and dignity.

This year our focus is on Cambodia –Hear the cry of the earth and poor.


Summer Reading Challenge for 2015 Kakapo Team

At the end of last year Miss Woodhead set the Kakapo Team a reading challenge for the holidays. It was to read between thirty and forty books or chapters. What a lot of reading. For every book that was read a link was made on a paper chain. Imagine the surprise and delight when 20 children arrived at school on the first day with paper chains! Many of the chains were at least 35 links long.

Well done to all those students who kept up their reading over the holidays.

Eager Beaver Holiday Readers Kakapo Team 2015


Our Year 6 School Leaders

All our Year 6 students are classified as school leaders. The expectation is that they have received much during their time at St Joseph’s, and will continue to do so till the day they leave. Now is the time to give back, to serve our school and contribute in whatever ways they can. This first part of the term is a time for them to step up, show initiative, volunteer for tasks, be responsible…in other words show their ability to be leaders. All Year 6’s were blessed in their Leadership Ministry by Father Sherwin, at Mass yesterday. There will be a Leadership Day on Friday 12 February where the students will reflect and learn more about what leadership means and what it doesn’t mean. Camp will provide further opportunities to grow their leadership skills and for teachers to identify those who may have the skills and strengths to fulfil particular roles or tasks.

Our new students:  Children from Year 2-6; American Visitors and brand New Entrants

 P1070713 P1070716 P1070719 P1070722

Welcome to you and your families. We hope you have a very happy, fruitful and worthwhile experience at our school..which is now your school!                                                                Click on photos to enlarge


Thank you to Paul McGoon and Albany ITM for the wonderful new picnic table, which is VERY popular!



Wonderful progress has been made by Carol, our artist and her children helpers, with the mural which is decorated our sports shed.

 Mural 3 February Painters from Kereru

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we worked on class placements for 2016. Regardless of what team your child is in, and what combination of class levels, he or she will be learning what is appropriate for his/her ability and curriculum level.


This term, there will be three classes from Rosmini using the old Rooms 5 & 6 and Room 17 (old Room 13). They are all senior boys studying physics and academic PE. They will have their breaks at Rosmini. We are helping Rosmini out because of issues with unavoidable delays in their building programme.


Ka kite ano!  Have a wonderful weekend. Let’s hope and pray the celebration of Waitangi Day is a peaceful, positive and joyful one. Stay safe.



P.S. Remember:

Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 2 p.m. 10 February

School Prayers in the Hall (to which parents are always welcome) and which start on Monday 15 at 8.50 in the Hall (back entrance only) New Entrants and other students new to the school will be welcomed. We will also meet the 4 Rosmini teachers who will be working on our site this year.




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