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Lunch Orders

There is no tuck shop at our school, however we do offer the following lunch options.


On Tuesday you can order sushi for Wednesday via the office (order envelopes can be picked up from the office for your child to bring home)

Teryaki Chicken Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Avocado Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Cucumber Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Ham Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Tuna Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Creamy Cheese Sushi8 Pieces$4.50
Mixed Sushi4 Pieces Chicken, 4 Pieces Vegetable$4.50
Twist Orange Drink125ml$1.00
Twist Blackcurrant Drink125ml$1.00
Twist Pineapple Drink125ml$1.00
Pump Water400ml$2.50
Anchor Blue Milk250ml$2.50


Our school also uses Ezlunch, which must be ordered and paid for online for delivery on Thursday and/or Friday.  You will need to set up an account first before placing your first order.

To order, please click on the button below, login and select from the menus available for our school.  If you do not already have an account with Ezlunch, you will need to register first before placing your order.