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Compliments, Concerns and Questions

It is important, as a staff, that we hear your compliments, concerns and questions.

There are many aspects to our school, and teachers and students are always endeavouring to reflect the School Mercy Values and School Motto. 

If you have any compliments, concerns or questions, we need to hear them directly. The procedure is:

Compliment, Concern, Question Related to Your Child

  1. Speak to your child’s Home Group Teacher
    • they know your child best
    • they need to know your thoughts in order that they can support your child and you
  2. If you require additional support following your meeting with the teacher, you are welcome to ask to meet with the Team Senior Teacher and the Home Group Teacher
  3. The Principal is available to discuss your child if Steps 1 & 2 have occurred and you feel you need further support

Compliment, Concern, Question Related to the School

  1. Please make an appointment to share your thoughts with a member of the Senior Teacher Team or the Principal