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The stationery is ordered on line or by mail order before school starts, at the beginning of the year.  The stationery can be delivered to your home or a designated address by courier. This system means that ordering is quick and easy, stationery lists will not be lost and products will be of a high quality.  Some stationery is also available from the school office, before, school, throughout the year.

Click on the image or button on the right to view the 2024 school stationery lists and order from OfficeMax.

Alternatively click on your child’s year group to view the 2024 stationery list.

Stationery purchased for Year 1 – 4 students: Please name the books. Please do not name any other stationery items as these are collected and put into Home Group sets, that are able to be used throughout the year.

2024 Stationery Year 1

2024 Stationery Year 2

2024 Stationery Year 3/4

2024 Stationery Year 5/6

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