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Behaviour Management

Our aim is to work and play in harmony with each other. We will care for each other and will be co-operative in our outlook and in doing so, build up a school climate which is supportive, friendly and positive. We want the school to be a pleasant place for all children and adults.

Children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their:

  • Attitude

  • Choices

  • Behaviour

  • Learning

Our guidelines for acceptable behaviour are firmly focused on our School Motto, School Values, Key Concept e.g. Citizenship, and many aspects of the Key Competencies. Our Religious Education Programme, our Health and PE Programme –Kids Rich in Character, and Kia Kaha, Keeping Ourselves Safe, DARE and other programmes from time to time, address particular issues and help develop and build on the life skills needed for growing up confident and resilient.

Above the Line Below the Line

A simple method for people in our school to judge their own behaviour or responses to a situation is to measure it for themselves in the following way:

  • Am I taking Ownership, Accepting my part, taking Responsibility – OAR

  • Am I Blaming, making Excuses, Denying what I have done? – BED

  • The next step is “Now, what do I need to do about it?”

Children can be guided through this process by an adult or peer. Older children may well become quite independent in making accurate self assessments with appropriate follow up action.

We use a simple mantra, from our Kids Rich in Character Programme:

“Muck up. Own up. Put it right. Move On.”

Which reminds us all of what to do when we fail.