Reminders – 21st October

Community Engagement Survey 2020 Just a reminder to fill out your Community Engagement Survey 2020. Please complete this survey, as it is informative for the teachers and the Board, assisting in their planning for [...]

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Community Engagement Survey 2020

Good afternoon, In 2019, the Board and Senior Management Team undertook a survey of our teachers, students, and whanau to better understand what matters to our school community. We appreciate the time everyone took to [...]

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2021 School Year Dates

February 8 Monday Waitangi Day Observation School Closed 9 Tuesday Term 1     Day 1   April 2 Friday Good Friday School Closed 5 Monday Easter Monday School Closed 6 Tuesday Easter Tuesday School Closed 16 [...]

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Mufti Day

Students are welcome to wear mufti (weekend clothes) this Friday, September 25th, to celebrate the end of Term 3. No donation required. God bless, Mr Bridgman Principal

2020-09-23T14:48:01+00:00 23rd September 2020|

Waterwise Instructor Training

Calling all helpers! Here at St Joseph's we have a Waterwise programme that we run for Year 5 and 6 students to build on the Beach Education they attend in Year 3 and 4. However [...]

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Dear Parents  Today we received the following information from the Ministry of Education. We are aware that some schools may be fielding calls about the TikTok video about a live suicide.  The Ministry has been [...]

2020-09-09T15:34:02+00:00 9th September 2020|

Cross Country – 20 August

Cross Country 2020 We will be holding our school cross country on Thursday, 20th August.  The order that the year levels will run is: 9.15am: Year 0 girls then Year 0 boys Then: Year 1 [...]

2020-08-06T12:36:57+00:00 6th August 2020|

Litterless Lunch / First Holy Communion

Litterless Lunches  The Eco leaders of St Joseph’s have come up with a new challenge for students: Litterless Lunches! “We are doing this to reduce the amount of litter that St Joseph’s creates.’’ says Nic [...]

2020-08-04T09:10:48+00:00 4th August 2020|
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