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Board of Trustees

Alister Bridgman
Alister BridgmanPrincipal
Eric Esnouf
Eric EsnoufChairperson/Proprietor's Representative
Tressa Joseph
Tressa JosephProprietor's Representative
Gallo Boyle
Gallo BoyleProprietor's Representative
Monsignor David Tonks
Monsignor David TonksProprietor's Representative
Natasha Luxford
Natasha LuxfordStaff Representative
Bridget Allen
Bridget AllenParent Representative
Vanessa Bates
Vanessa BatesParent Representative
Janie Ryder
Janie RyderParent Representative
Paula Vitali
Paula VitaliParent Representative

The school Board is elected every three years as the governing body of the school. The Board is responsible for establishing broad policy objectives and supporting the efficient and effective running of the school.

The Board is also responsible, with the assistance of parents, for developing the School Charter and Strategic Plans. These school plans are an important document that specifies what the school is about, what directions it should move in, and provides ideas on how to achieve these goals. The School Charter is reviewed and revised regularly and the Strategic plans are reviewed annually.

The Board of Trustees meets twice a term, usually on the fourth and ninth Thursday of each term. Dates are advertised on the school calendar, which is on the website and parents are always welcome to attend.

The St Joseph’s Board of Trustees is made up of 5 elected Parent Representatives, 1 elected Staff Representative, the Principal and 4 Proprietor’s (Bishop’s) Appointees. The Proprietor’s Appointees are full members of the Board who also have a particular role and responsibility to help preserve and develop the Special Character of the school.