Newsletter 2019/11 – April 8


2019/11 – April 8

Shore to Shore

On the 31st of March about 150 people from our school turned up at Takapuna Grammar school to do the nearly 6km run/walk. It all started at 9:00am, the timed runners were let out first. They were followed by the non-timed walkers or runners.

The system: When you signed up you would choose what you wanted to do and how many people were coming. You could do the fun run which was $10.00 or a timed run which was $16.00 (this is only for if you are going with the school). In the timed run you would have a clip on your shoe, which times you from when you step over the start line to when you step over the finish line.

The Run/WalkThis run/walk goes past Takapuna Grammar up Lake Road to Takapuna beach. Then at the end of the beach you keep running along Hurstmere Road, where you get onto Milford beach. Then you run along the beach till you reach the finish line at Milford reserve.

TejaI interviewed Teja who went to shore to shore. She told me that she ran it with her Mum, Dad and dog. At the start she felt proud and happy that she was doing it, at the beginning of when she was running she felt good but as she got to the end she felt a bit puffed. As she crossed the finish line she was relieved and happy that she ran all the way. She really enjoyed it all the way, she also added that she was very proud of herself and that she would definitely do it next year. At the end she loved having a snack from the St. Joseph’s tent.

St. Joseph’s: After the run/walk the people from St. Joseph’s made their way to the St. Joseph’s tent, where some of the parents and teachers were making sausages, for the runners/walkers to munch on.

Congratulations to Holly Alexia and Aida, who won the best dressed family. They came dressed as Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3. Don’t they look great!

We thank all the parents who helped us with the Shore to Shore.

By Stella HG1

The Bright Light in the Darkness

On the 14th of March the school went to the show in the church hall. Many of us were desperate to see the show.

As we were waiting, all of a sudden we all heard a welcoming shout. Then we saw three figures of one man with two women.

They introduced their names and told us what roles their playing for Catherine McAuley’s story. A loud applause surrounded the church hall. As the hall was calm once more. We watched the famous play begin.

It started with Catherine when she was only five years old until her father died. Her father was a generous and giving father. A few years later her mother died.  Her sister and her mother adored to go to parties, and always loved to look glamorous. Catherine McAuley even had a big sister and a little brother in that time.

Throughout the show they stopped three times to ask questions from the crowd.

This was a very exciting show and we learnt a lot. We really hope we could see the incredible show again.

We interviewed Cara U. She said she definitely enjoyed the show and she learnt something. We also asked her if you was surprised with how there was only three people acting out the whole story, she replied that it  was astonishing. Cara said it was very emotional and the actions were very expressive.

Thank you to the Blue Whale Theater company for coming and teaching us about Catherine McAuley.

By Erin Hg 5 and Stella Hg 1

Catherine McAuley

Catherine McAuley was very close to her beloved father but when he was sixty three years old unfortunately he passed away.  She then went to live in three different houses. Sadly all the people that looked after her passed away.

Catherine was left with a house and a lot of money. She didn’t use any of the money for herself!  Instead she built the House of Mercy.  It is a place where women can go when they needed help.  In those days women were treated differently and they were afraid of men.

One day, the priest came.  He asked Catherine McAuley to become a nun.  “If I am a nun, then I won’t be able to go out to help the sick!” Catherine exclaimed.  “Then I will give you permission to go out and help” the priest said.

She then became a nun.  She travelled and kept helping the sick and poor people.

Catherine McAuley passed away at the age of sixty three.

By Madeline HG 5

Holy Week

This week the students will be learning about Holy Week as part of the Religious Education programme. Holy week will begin next Sunday with Palm Sunday and end Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Our Lord. Holy Week is considered the most important week of the Church calendar. It is the week in which we remember the journey Jesus took from his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey (Palm Sunday), washing of his disciples feet and the last supper (Holy Thursday), his crucifixion (Good Friday) through to his resurrection (Easter Sunday). 

We would encourage you to talk to your child about each day as it happens, in order to reinforce the story of Jesus through this significant week in our Church calendar.

National Costume Mufti Day

The overarching school wide theme for 2019 is Whakapapa, Our History. To begin the year the home groups got the students to record their pepeha. This is where you record information about your family’s history. 

To end our term, on Friday April 12, we are inviting students to come along dressed in the national costume of the culture that their whanau (family) strongly identifies with.  We ask that students bring along a gold coin which will go to Caritas, a Catholic international aid organisation. We look forward to seeing all our students in their national dress.

PTFA Chocolate Fundraiser

The PTFA would like to extend its thanks to everyone for their support of the chocolate fundraiser.  We know that a many families put a lot of effort into selling their box – or boxes – and your efforts were much appreciated.

An extra special thank you goes to the prize winners, their families and all thosae who sold multiple boxes.  The following students received their prizes last week:

1st.  Maddy, who sold 10 boxes and has won an iPad Mini

2nd.  Hamish & Charlotte, who sold 8 boxes and have won a Bazooka Premium Outdoor Speaker

3rd = Noah & James, who sold 7 boxes and have won an Extreme Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3rd = Ava & Sophie, who also sold 7 boxes and who have won an Extreme Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Thank you again to all the families for their efforts and support of this fundraiser.

School Uniform

All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform every day. Please could parents ensure their child has the correct uniform for the beginning of Term 2. This includes a school vest or jacket and black shoes or sandals. Please do not buy them shoes that have white or coloured logos and/or soles.

If you child’s shoes break please could you arrange to have them replaced immediately in order that they are in the full correct uniform.

During Terms 2 & 3 the school hat is optional.

Thank you for ensuring your child is in the full correct uniform.

Term Dates

Term one ends Friday April 12, 2.50 pm

Term 2: Monday 29 April to Friday 5 July

Term 3: Monday 22 July Friday 27 September

Term 4: Monday 14 October to Tuesday 17 December

Enjoy your time with your children over their break

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