Newsletter 2019/17 – May 31


2019/17 – May 31

Board of Trustees Message

This week we have had the Education Review Office (ERO) visiting our school. ERO reviews all schools regularly and reports on the quality of Education being provided. Two ERO reviewers spent this week meeting with our Board, the Senior Leadership Team, and students. They also carried out home group observations,  seeing the programmes of learning in action and talking to students about their learning.

The Board and Senior Leadership Team met with the reviewers on Thursday afternoon to hear their preliminary feedback, which will form the basis of the report. This feedback was very positive, and we look forward to receiving and sharing the final report in about a month. Once the school has been presented the final report, ERO publish it on their website.

The Board would like to commend the efforts of our Senior Leadership Team and all our staff, not just for this week, which has been demanding on their time (and their nerves), but for their consistent hard work and dedication, which shone through in the quality of the school’s preparedness for this review.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Board, on behalf of our school community, for their dedication and support for the school over the last three years. They have all, individually and collectively, worked hard to ensure St Joseph’s has in place the vision and framework to achieve equity and excellence for our current students and for our future students.

God bless

Anna Casey

Chairperson – St Joseph’s School BOT

Term 2 Week 6

Monday 3 June

School Closed

Tuesday 4 June

9.15 am  – School Prayers

Waterwise – Home Group 1

Wednesday 5 June 

Lunch time clubs – Drama / Hockey / Kakariki Eco

Thursday 6 June

8.15 am – Choir

Kakapo Team – Takapuna Beach

Lunch Groups – Drama / Hockey


Rite of Confirmation

Friday 7 June

Mandarin Lessons


Sunday 9 June

First Holy Communion


The first thing we set out to do was rig the boats. Working from front to back, we threaded the Kicker through the hole on the back of the sail. Next we got the rope called the Main Sheet (all ropes on a boat are called sheets) we wrapped it around the boom, then made a half hitch to keep it secure. Next, we put the rest of the ropes through the pulleys and then a stopper knot was added.

When everyone finished rigging, we launched the boats. Since I had sailed before, I was sailing with a beginner. Samantha and I launched off. At first it was dull, but as if the wind had heard my prayers, the wind kicked up and we were soon speeding along. We let the sail out a bit to slow down as we approached the buoy.

I warned Samantha that the boom was about to come around. We were going to tack. I pushed the rudder away from me as fast as I could. We both ducked. The boom came crashing over. The centreboard  shuddered and my confidence wavered but seeing as the boat was still sailing smoothly, my courage returned and we landed at the pier.

Joshua Yr 5

Toy Story 4

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