Newsletter 2020/03 – February 10


2020/03 – February 10


A big welcome to …

Nia, Amelia, Leah, Francheska, Shaun, Joseph, Blake, Angela, Sofia, Ryan, Madison, Shanel, Vincent,
Christopher, Johan, Harvey, Oscar, Sophia, Rafael, Indiana, Phoenix, Isaac, Jiro, Hesh, Julienne,
Aaron, Marcus Lachlan, Ella, Nickaella, Stephanie, Lucy.

We know they will have a wonderful time here at St Joseph’s

Principal’s Message

Kia ora parents and whanau

It was wonderful to be able to welcome the new students and new families at school prayers this morning. This morning’s school prayers began with a waiata sung and performed by our kapa haka group. It was a lovely way to welcome us all to the 2020 school year. Thank you to them for being so brave to perform in front of the school with only a little practice. Thank you to the parents and whanau of the new students who were able to be at school prayers this morning. It was lovely of them to come to the front of the school and introduce their child. We know that all the new children will have an AWESOME time here at St Joseph’s.

On Friday 21 February we will be having our annual family picnic. This will be held on the lower field from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. We would love to see all our families at this school event. Families will be able to sit with other parents who have children in the same home group. You can bring a picnic or alternatively you can purchase your tea from the food trucks that will be on the courts. There will be a variety of activities for the children to participate in along with the water slide. 

Friday 21 February is also the day we have our 2020 opening school Mass. This begins at 9.15 am as it is also a parish Mass. All parents and whanau are welcome to join us for this Mass which all students will be attending. The Mass will be followed by morning tea in the staffroom for parents, whanau and parishioners.

Have you considered joining our PTFA (Parents Teachers Friends Association). It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents at the same time as supporting the school community and student learning. Check out the details in the PTFA notice in this newsletter.

Our school choir begins their morning rehearsals Thursday this week. We ask that you talk to your child about this opportunity for them. Our Choir performs in the Kids 4 Kids show, sings at our school Masses and at various school events throughout the year. Rehearsals are every Thursday beginning at 8.15 am in the school library.

Have you got the school website link on your phone? On the school website, under the ‘Links’ drop down menu you will find the instructions for school website link on your phone. The school website is our main form of communication so it would be helpful to have it on your phone.

Ka manaakitia koutou e te Atua

Alister Bridgman


Term 1 Week 2

Monday 10 February

8.50 am – School Prayers

Tuesday 11 February

11.05 am – Schoolwide Meditation

7.15 pm – PTFA Meeting

Wednesday 12 February

Waterwise – Year 5

Leadership Retreat – Year 6

Thursday 13 February

8.15 am – School Choir

Football Promo Day

Friday 14 February

Sunday 16 February

11 am – Parish Centenary Picnic – Top Field

Team Kea Waitangi Day Learning

On Wednesday 5th February Kea Team had a day learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and making their own Kea Treaty.

In our groups we made waka out of lego, blocks and mobilo. Before we made our waka we talked together about how we would work as a team and we learnt that if we used our treaty we would become trusted learners. We practised using our treaty ideas when we were working as a team. 

Mrs Linehan taught us about what happened on Waitangi day. We made a feather to add to our Korowai – cloak, these are worn by the Maori people. Our feathers show each one of us as a team.

We made headbands to wear at our signing of the Kea Team Treaty. Our headbands had patterns that were important to us.

In the afternoon we signed our treaty with our thumb print just like the Maori people in 1840. We got green thumbs! We couldn’t find Mr Bridgman or Mr Kelly to be Captain Hobson so we had three of our buddies come and be Captain Hobson, and his lieutenants.

Trusted Kea Team Treaty

Te tiriti

We will have a team that:

Works as a group.

Is positive.

Walks inside so we are safe.

Uses inside voices to respect other learners.

Share and care about each other.

Helps people to make good choices.

Asks people to join in so that no one is left out.

Cares for our environment by putting things away and equipment sensibly.

Are listening learners.

Welcomes new ideas to learn.

Are kind to each other and our teachers.

Uses our school values and motto and shows other people how to do this.

Show respect and can be trusted.

By Maddison, Georgia, Athena.

Christmas Concert – Thank You For Your Generosity

The PTFA would like to thank everyone for their support of the Christmas Concert last year. What an amazing event, which we hope provided a fantastic experience for the children and audience alike. We were so lucky to have the support of Simon O’Neill, the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, the teachers and all our wonderful students and volunteers who helped make the night so special.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and generosity the concert made a $30,000 profit, which will be used to enhance the music and arts curriculum within our school. The PTFA will be working with Mr Bridgman and the leadership team over the coming weeks to start identifying specific projects and initiatives that the money can go towards. Further updates will be shared with our school community as these are agreed.

Thank you again to everyone for their support.  


PTFA: New members wanted 
Tomorrow evening (Tuesday) the St. Joseph’s PTFA will meet at 7.15 in the school staff room.  We’d love some new members to join the committee this year.
You don’t need to commit to coming to every meeting, or helping at every event, we’d just love some new faces to join the team and provide some new ideas, enthusiasm and help, as you are able to. 
Tomorrow evening we’ll be looking at our 2020 planning so we’d love as many people as possible to join us and bring their ideas of what initiatives they’d like to see the PTFA support this year. This isn’t just necessarily fundraising ideas, but also how we can promote a real sense of community within our school. 
Everyone is welcome.  See you Tuesday evening at 7.15 in the school staff room (entrance next to the school library). 
The St. Joseph’s PTFA

St Joseph’s Parish


I arrived in NZ on June 3, 2009 and was ordained on December 18, 2010. God never failed to surprise me with His mysterious ways. I had a wonderful start at St Patrick’s Cathedral as a seminarian and the chance to serve in the Mother Church of Auckland meeting wonderful people and priests who inspired me on my journey towards priesthood. I studied Maori Spirituality and NZ Church History, which made me appreciate NZ more. After ordination I was sent to St Joseph’s Takapuna, for 3 years then to St Mark’s Pakuranga. It was 6 lovely years of being an assistant priest. I learned so much from people and my parish priests and not one single day has passed that I failed to thank God for them. My first parish priest role came when I was assigned in St Joseph’s Kaitaia for the past 3 years. It was indeed a very challenging role, but most importantly I learned to appreciate the people and the place. It was there once again, that I realised how I love my vocation and how God never fails in my life. And now, I am back here at St. Joseph’s. I know God’s surprises are not yet over, but whatever they may be and whenever they come, I will be happy to say Yes, Lord, surprise me more.

God bless, Fr Carlo

Children’s Choir

St Joseph’s Parish Children’s Choir will resume this year every 4th Sunday of the month at the 10am Mass (starting 22 March). Welcome for children aged 5-12 years old. If you are interested, please contact Randall at First rehearsal will be on Sunday 1st March after the 10am Mass


The ALPHA experience provides us a place where we can invite friends and family who do not go to church or who question God and faith, or it could be for YOU if you just want a refresh. Participants will enjoy a meal, meet new friends and learn more about faith and God that reveals God personally. There is no charge. Starts Tuesday 3 March, 7pm in the Church hall…see you and your guests there!! For details contact Engelbert Dsouza; email: Ph. 021 0234 6853 or Deacon Steve Fraser; Ph 021 439 407 email:

It’s On! Centenary Picnic, Come One, Come ALL, next Sunday 16 February!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our Parish Filipino community, the Centenary picnic for our Parish Family will go with a swing next Sunday, 16 February, immediately following the 10 am Mass. It will also include a social welcome to our new priest, Father Carlo.

For the elderly and infirm, we’ll set up tables and chairs in the Lounge downstairs, otherwise you are invited to find your own picnic spots in the grounds between the Lounge and the school, with overflows into the green area adjacent to the old orphanage. Bring your own umbrellas, sun umbrellas, and, of course, hats, sun cream etc. and your own food and drink…

But wait, there’s more..

Immediately outside the entrance to the Lounge, there will be a barbeque, cooking sausages and providing slices of bread and tomato sauce. Immediately inside that door, in the lounge, will be a table with a selection of Filipino food, so no one will go hungry.

For the children:

There will be games for kids ages 5 to 12 years old, and games for other ages as well. Be prepared for a quiz about Parish history.

Welcome Father Carlo:

Before lunch starts, Monsignor David will say grace, and formally welcome Father Carlo to our parish, to which Fr Carlo will reply. We’ll have a sound system audible both outside and inside so everyone will hear what’s being said. In charge of the proceedings will be Janine Ramos and Josh Pereira.

Why we should all attend:

As we come to the formal end of our Centenary Year on 19 March (the Feast of Saint Joseph) this will be our main opportunity to express our spirit of unity as a parish and as a Catholic community, and get to know each other better.

See you here next Sunday!

Parish website: (click on PARISH CENTENARY 2019).

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