Alert Level 2.5 – September

Dear Parents

The Prime Minister has announced that Alert Level 2.5 will begin in Auckland at 11.59 pm on Sunday 30 August. We have reviewed and updated our school procedures for Alert Level 2.5. 

At all times we will be following the most up to date advice from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. These procedures will continue to be reviewed.

The following topics are covered in this Alert Level 2 Procedures information letter.

  • Attendance
  • Face Coverings
  • Parent Entry to School
  • Contact Tracing
  • Programme of Learning
  • Home Groups
  • Physical Distancing (MOE)
  • Breaks
  • Drop Off
  • Pick Up
  • Health and Safety Measures
  • Student Injury / Illness
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Student Equipment
  • Gatherings
  • Re-emergence of COVID-19 (MOE)


  • All students can return to school
  • If children are sick, they should stay home (phone Healthline or their GP and get tested if a doctor or health professional recommends to do so).
  • Anyone who is self-isolating, or who has been advised by health authorities to remain at home while they wait for their COVID-19 test results, must stay home.
  • Use the school website to notify us if your child will be absent.
  • Students who are late go directly to their Home Group learning space.
  • Parents do not need to sign in students when they are late.

Face Coverings

  • Children and staff do not have to wear face coverings in school.
  • Children under the age of 12 do not have to wear face coverings on school or public buses.
  • Parents are asked to wear masks should they need to enter the school site.

Parent Entry into School

  • Parents are asked to only enter the school site if necessary.
  • Parents entering the school site are asked to wear masks
  • Parents must stay two metres from other adults and children
  • Parents cannot enter the learning spaces

Contact Tracing

  • Our school tracing app QR code is displayed on the front window of the office block and on the wall along the entry tunnel.
  • Parents entering the school site for drop/off pickup need to scan the QR code on entry.
  • Parents entering the school site at other times need to sign in at the office and scan the QR code on entry, and sign out on exit.

Programme of Learning

  • The Programme of Learning over the first week will focus on the students revisiting school routines and re-establishing relationships.

Home Groups

  • Students and teachers will be in their Home Groups and Teams.

Physical Distancing (MOE)

  • Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. 
  • Children, young people and staff should be far enough away from each other so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.
  • There does not need to be a specific measurement but where practicable 1 metre should be used as a guide, particularly between adults.
  • Masks are optional in schools for students and teachers


  • Students will have food breaks in their learning space.
  • Students will have regular play breaks throughout the day.
  • Play breaks will be timetabled so that not all students are out at the same time.
  • The school playgrounds are open to students during the school day but not before or after school.

Drop Off

    • Drop off is 8.00am to 9am.
    • Students are dropped off in the drop off zone.
    • Students arriving by bus or foot enter the property via the school driveway and the entry by the office block.
    • Students will walk directly to their Home Group Learning Space.



Pick up

  • Pick up is 2.15pm until 3.15pm.

OPTION ONE – ‘Park and Collect’

(Due to traffic congestion, this is the school’s preferred option for pick up, if you can)

  • 2.15pm – 2.45pm.
  • Parents park their car.
  • Parents enter the school as per the ‘Parent Entry into School’ criteria.
  • Parents go directly to their child’s learning space to collect them. Parents DO NOT enter the learning spaces.
  • Teachers will send out the children when they see the parent.
  • Parents leave the property directly to their cars 

OPTION TWO – ‘Drive By Collect’

  • 2.45pm – 3.15pm.
  • Gates opened
  • Students called down from learning spaces by walkie talkie to collection point by office
  • Please ensure you have your child’s name and HG number clearly displayed on an A4 sheet of paper.

OPTION THREE – Lake House Cafe 

  • 2.50pm
  • Students will leave school as a group (unaccompanied) and walk to Lake House Cafe via Fred Thomas Drive.

OPTION FOUR – Rosmini and Taharoto Rd Buses

  • 2.50pm
  • Students will be accompanied by a teacher to their bus stop


  • 2.50pm
  • Students will walk to the school hall

OPTION SIX – Walking or Biking Collect

  • 2.45pm – 3.15pm.
  • Parents go to outside of front office and show the teacher on walkie talkie duty your A4 sign with student name and HG number
  • Students called down from learning spaces by walkie talkie to collection point by office
  • Please ensure you have your child’s name and home group number clearly displayed on an A4 sheet of paper.

Health and Safety Measures

  • Hand sanitiser at the entry to learning spaces and soap, water and drying facilities in bathrooms. 
  • All used work surfaces, door handles and toilets will be disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • In an emergency, normal evacuation procedures will be followed.

Student Injury / Illness

  • Parents will be contacted and will need to arrange to have their child collected within thirty minutes.
  • Parents will be asked to park in the pick up zone, not get out of the car, and the child will be guided by a staff member from their bubble to their parents car.
  • Parents are to contact Healthline/family GP that day and to email as to what advice they were given in regard to their child’s illness.

Student Wellbeing

  • Student wellbeing will be monitored throughout the day by the teachers.
  • If teachers have any concerns they will contact parents.

Student Equipment

  • Food: please pack your child snack sized food in their lunch boxes.  There will be a number of food breaks throughout the day.
  • Water: Please ensure students have a bottle of water
  • Students bring their devices if they normally do.
  • Students can bring sports equipment.


  • There will be no school/team prayers/liturgies/masses/gatherings.
  • There will be no choir, kapa haka, cultural group etc.
  • There will be no in school organised sport activities.
  • There will be no out of school sports team training on the school grounds.
  • Out of school sport activities will be determined by individual out of school sport organisations.

Re-emergence of COVID-19 (MOE)

  • If a COVID-19 case is identified at a school or kura during Alert Level 2.5, affected sites will be closed for cleaning and close contact tracing.
  • Instruction should revert back to the distance learning model until the school or kura is cleared to open. 

We appreciate that this is an extensive range of measures. They are designed to ensure that both students and staff are safe and are based on information we have received to date from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

Take care. Stay safe.

Ka manaakitia koutou e te Atua

Alister Bridgman


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