Principal’s Message – 6 October 2023


Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I trust you’ve been able to enjoy some family time with your children over the last couple of weeks.

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9 October.

Students will continue learning about our school’s 130 year history. The focus this term is around Sister Alphonsus and the early days of our school. Sister Alphonsus, along with Sister Mildred, rowed across the harbour, from the mother house in Ponsonby, to open St Joseph’s School Takapuna. Sister Alphonsus was the first Principal of the school. The school was for boys, and these boys were from Takapuna and from further north. The Sisters taught day students and the boarders. The boarders were the students from up north and orphans from these areas. The Sisters of Mercy were to stay for 96 years, until 1989, when Sister Gemma, the last Sister of Mercy teacher at St Joseph’s, left the school.

Term 4 is always a busy one. Please keep in touch with what is happening for your child, and at school, through the Principal Message, the school website and @school App.

Your child’s teacher is happy to help if you have any concerns or questions. Please have a chat to them when you are dropping off your child or collecting them. Alternatively you can email them.

Take care.

Ka manaakitia e te Atua.

Alister Bridgman

The Principal’s Message will cover the following topics:

  • Drop Off
  • Absences
  • School Uniform
  • Term 4 Dates

Drop Off

The school opens for students at 8.15 am. Please do not let your child out of the car or leave them either by the office or by the church until you see Mrs Bridgman. This will be at 8.15 am

Please do not allow your child to walk through the carpark on their own. Park your car and escort them to either the church or the office and wait with them if it is before 8.15 am.

At 8.15 am Mrs Bridgman will escort the students from the church to the office. At that point students and parents can enter the school. The gate will then be opened for parents to do a driveby drop off after 8.15 am. Thank you.


A reminder that notification of student absences is done through the @school App. The @school App provides you complete details about your child’s absence and lateness over the year. Please record your child’s absence on the @school App before 8.30am. Thank you

School Uniform

The school uniform expectations can be viewed through this link. Please ensure that your child arrives at school in the correct uniform including the correct ALL black shoes or sandals. 

Term 4 sees students being required to wear school hats whenever they are outside.

Hats (Terms 4 & 1) Navy blue sun hat (wide brimmed – no label). 

Term 4 Dates

October 9

First Day of Term 4

October 23

Labour Day – School CLOSED

November 17

MOE Teacher Only Day  – School CLOSED

December 15

Last 2023 School Day – School closes at 1pm

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