Newsletter 2019/2 – 5 February


2019 / 2 – February 5

Chinese New Year 2019



Zhōngguó nónglì xīnnián kuàilè


A big welcome to …

HG 2: Jack, Bene   HG4: Macbeth, Natalie, Diya   HG 7: Ethan, Cail  HG 8: Jeremy  HG 9: Eliana

HG 12: Aron, Kaylia, Bianca, Max  HG 13: Annika HG 14: Morie

HG 15: Jake, Sebastian, Angelo, Noel, Elijah, Scarlett, Lexi, Luca, Eliana

HG 16: Chloe, Chloe, Lulu, Millie, Ava

HG 17: Enzo, Jamaica, Timothy, James, Wilson, Immanuel, Jacquelyn

HG 18: Summer, Daniel, Isaac, Alex, Renessa, David, Livia

Staff: Mrs Foster, Mrs Gould, Mrs Linehan,

Miss Miles, Mr O’Conner, Miss Ryan

Parents of our new students, and their whanau, are welcome to join us for the welcome of new students and staff at our first school prayers, Monday 11 February at 8.50am, in the Parish hall, which is situated below the church.

Parents of of new students are also welcome to stay for a coffee to meet Mr Alister Bridgman, Principal, and Ms Anna Casey Board Chair, in the staff room after these prayers.

Getting To Know Each Other


2019 is a significant year for New Zealand, St Joseph’s Parish Takapuna and our school St Joseph’s Catholic School Takapuna.

For New Zealand we will be celebrating 250 years since the arrival of Captain Cook and the meeting of two cultures, Maori and English.

On 6 October 1769, Nicholas Young, who was sitting on the mast head, sighted land. It is now thought likely that the land he first saw was the peak of Mount Arowhana, rather than the southern headland of Poverty Bay, which Cook named Young Nick’s Head. On 8 October 1769, Cook and his party made their historic landing in New Zealand.  Historic Cook Landing Site

St Joseph’s Takapuna Parish came into existence in 1919. Prior to that it had been part of the Puhoi Parish and then the Devonport Parish. There have been three churches on this site, the latest being constructed in 1966.

The first school on this site was opened in 1849. It was named St Mary’s School. It was the first school on the North Shore and educated Maori and Pakeha boys. In 1894 St Joseph’s Industrial School for Boys was opened and the Sisters of Mercy ran the school and were the teachers. They also ran the orphanage for boys. The Sisters of Mercy left the school in 1989.

Whakapapa means heritage. Our students will be looking at various aspects of our heritage and their heritage throughout the year.

Waitangi Day

The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand. Waitangi day is February 6th each year, and is the day we commemorate the signing of the Treaty which took place in 1840. The Treaty was written in English and translated into Maori by Captain William Hobson. A large hui was held at James Busby’s house (Treaty House), in Waitangi from 4 – 6 January. On the 6th February the Treaty was signed by representatives of both the Maori and Pakeha people. Witnessing the signing of the Treaty was Bishop Pompallier, the first Catholic Bishop of NZ.

Waitangi Day is a day to celebrate the wonderful country we live in.

SCHOOL CLOSED – Wednesday February 6


Flippa Ball/Newbies League, Years 2-6


Junior Breakers Basketball League. Years 5-6

REGISTER Your child today – Details below on how to register

Registrations close tomorrow Wednesday 6 February


The following are now open on our website.  Please take note of the school registration closing date.

We invite parents to enrol for:  Flippa Ball, Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Rippa Rugby.

Flippa Ball/Newbies League Sunday

Y2-Y6 – School Registrations close on Wednesday 6 Feb


Please carefully choose the correct league for your child – we have two venues. 

Junior Breakers Basketball League 

School Registrations close on Wednesday 6 Feb  

1 year 1/2 team Monday (FULL)

1 year 3/4 team Wednesday (FULL)

1 year 5/6 team Thursday

North Harbour Basketball

Tuesday Y2–Y6 School Registrations close on 17 Feb

Netball North Harbour Wednesday /Kidzplay Netball

Saturday Y1-6 School Registrations close on 17 Feb

North Harbour Hockey

Monday Y3-6 School Registrations close on 17 March 

Rippa Rugby

(3 Tournament Days during school time) – School Registrations close on 17 March.

How to Register

  • please go to 
  • scroll down to the link to SCHOOL/SPORTS PAYMENTS
  • this will take you to Enrolmy
  • Login/create a login (if you haven’t already got one)
  • Click See School Activities
  • When you click  “Book Activity”  if you have already registered your child for an activity through your enrolmy login, please just select the box of the child you are wanting to enrol.  

Please consider your child’s schedule carefully before booking.  Any refunds will be charged a $5 administration fee unless they can be transferred to another activity.

Any questions please email

Thank you for ensuring your child is in the correct uniform

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