Newsletter 2019/4 – February 18


2019/4 – February 18

First School Mass for 2019

To all our families …

you are most welcome to join us at our first school Mass for 2019.

Friday 22nd February

9.15 am

St Joseph’s Church

Followed by morning tea in the staff room

We hope you will join us

School Leaders

Special Character

David (Team Leader), Eliza, Kiera, Sasha, Cara


Kupila (Team Leader), Isabel, Zuri, Caleb, Nikhil,

Macbeth, Oscar, Gaelle


Ryan (Team Leader), Zuri, Jonah, Kyle, Charlie, Felix, Oscar, Joe

House Captains

Alphonsus – Eva, Gia  McAuley – Charlotte, Max

Patuone, Mia, Achira  Pompallier – Meila, Tom

Information Technology (IT)

HG1Elliot HG2– Casey, James

HG3– Vicky, Maxine HG4– Fabian, HG5– Nikhil


Noah (Team Leader), Isabel, Isaac, Owen, Kevin, Holly

Peer Mediators

Madeline (Team Leader), Noah, Eliza, Charlotte, Ava, Gabby

Jett, Lucy, Gloria, Erin, Meila, Gia 

Rainy Day Monitors

Jack, Ashton, Karen, Beth


Ciara (Team Leader), Monique, Lucy, Teja, Michaella,

Tarryn, Samantha, Gaelle, Mharcus, Melina


Stella (Team Leader), Ava, Gloria, Erin

Karen, David, Madeline,  Beth

Sports Captains

Alphonsus – Olive, Louis McAuley – Riley, Hunter

Patuone – Liam, Charlie Pompallier – Grace, Brodie

Summer Poetry


Did you ever?

Go camping in Ruakaka

Wind howling loudly

Grass swaying violently

Mosquitoes biting furiously

Sun burning unpleasantly

Try it

Louis HG 3


Did you ever?

Go snorkeling at Malamala Island

Jet Skiing

Legs kicking

Dolphins flicking

I love it

Amelie HG 2

Bee Keeping

Did you ever?

Have a go at bee keeping

smoke burning

bees buzzing

frames filling

I love it

Joshua HG 2

Boogie Board

Did you ever?

Ride a boogie board at the beach

Salt water spraying

Wind pushing like a hurricane

Seaweed grabbing on like tentacles

Try it

Holly HG 3

Inspired by Nathan Reed


Remember how you wake up late,

the sun was shining and birds were singing,

and your feet make you get out,

Your body was tired.

Remember that day you were growing vegetables,

the ice-cream calls out to me,

and it melts in your mouth,

then you got bored and walked round your house,

and sweat runs down your spine.

Remember that time you were cruising on your couch,

your eyes were stuck on the book,

and you didn’t want to get out.

Do you remember when you were watching a movie,

then the movie stops,

suddenly the door swings open and you see chalk –

on the ground left alone,

you pick it up and start drawing on the ground –


That was summer.

Erin HG 5


Remember That Time…

You stepped on to the wonderful sand.

And then you see that huge, 2.5 metre curling barrel.

And once you get out the back, it is really scary but then you catch the wave your life.

And eventually you thank yourself for going and getting out the back.

Remember how Cole you got a really good wave.

That was summer.

Hunter HG 5

School Family Picnic

On the 15th of February at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm St. Joseph’s school had a whole school picnic, to celebrate the new school year.

Spread out on the bottom field were four signs, each with a team name on it Kakariki , Kakapo , Kea and Kiwi. Around those signs were the amazing teachers from each team. The teachers were there to talk to the parents and students about learning and their family.

An epic water slide was one of the activities which was controlled by Mr Bridgman and some St. Joseph parents, the children were allowed to bring their togs to slide down it. The water slide was placed in the corner of the field near the courts.

At the end of the picnic Mr Bridgman went down the water slide himself!

Also around the field were heaps of awesome activities. Some of the other activities there were Tug of War, sack races, skipping ropes and the playground was available . As well as all other those games there was soccer and cricket being played by students.

Also on the top courts were some delicious food trucks, where you could see children walking away from them licking lovely ice creams and devouring tomato sauce covered hot dogs. The families of St. Joseph’s were also allowed to bring their own dinner/snacks to eat while hanging out with friends and spending time as a community.

We were so lucky that the weather turned out perfect. Everybody was grinning ear to ear. We were all having so much fun we could have stayed there for hours and hours. Thank You parents for helping, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Reported by Stella HG 1 and Karen HG 2

Thank You

Thank you to our PTFA for organising such a wonderful family picnic on Friday. It was a great occasion for parents to meet their child’s teacher. It was also an opportunity for families to catch up after the summer break. Thank you for your support of this occasion.

Drop Off / Pick Up

Thank you for your patience with the new drop off and pick up system. 

Drop Off

Please take care when dropping off your children in the morning as there are a number of families walking from parked cars across the car park.

Drop Offs After 8.50 am

If you are dropping off your children after 8.50 am, please park your car and sign your child in at the office, as the roll will have been called. On Monday please take your child directly to the hall under the church, after you have parked you car, in order to ensure your child gets to the hall safely. Your child can leave their bag outside the hall, and they will collect after school prayers.

Park and Collect

Parking is available both in the Parish car parks and on the school courts. Please take care when walking your children to your car, holding their hands, ensuring they are not hit by cars driving through the car park.

Drive By Pick Up

If you are not getting out of your car please arrive after 3 pm at which time the drive by pick up area will be open. Please do not expect your child to walk across the lower car park to your car for collection.

All students need to be accompanied by an adult from the pick up zone to cars.

Thank you for your support in ensuring this occurs.

This is for the safety of all our students

Release Teachers

Each teacher is given two release days a term by the Ministry of Education, to support them with the assessment and planning that they need to do. We are fortunate to have a pool of release teachers who the students know well and who know the expectations and workings of our programmes of learning. Our pool of release teachers are also the teachers we use first as relievers as this provides consistency for our students. 

Behaviour Management Plan

At the beginning of each year teachers review the Behaviour Managament Plan to ensure it reflects the school’s motto, and Mercy Values. It is important that teachers are consistent with the learning and playground behaviours expected at our school.

As a school, we are very strong in ensuring our students understand our school motto and the Mercy Values. These are discussed daily with them, beginning with prayers and throughout their school day. Students reflect the school motto and Mercy Values both within the learning spaces, and in the playground.

When students ‘muck up’ teachers and students have a clear set of procedures to work through together, in order that they take ‘ownership’, ‘put it right’, and ‘move on’. Central to our school philosophy in all areas is that students take responsibility for what they say and do.

You are welcome to view our Behaviour Mangement Plan via the ‘School Policies and Procedure’ link on the school website. If you wish, you are also welcome to complete a survey on our Behaviour Management Plan through the following link:


Shore to Shore

St Joseph’s is encouraging families to get involved in the Shore to Shore Fun Run again this year! 

With sunny skies overhead, young and old complete the fun run, which starts at Takapuna Grammar and ends at Milford Reserve. The unique North Harbour run takes in the beautiful Takapuna and Milford Beaches along the way.

This event brings together the North Shore community and supports our school by providing us with an opportunity to raise funds for much-needed sports gear.

Get your friends, parents, Aunties, Uncles and even Grandparents together, dressed them up, and join us for a fun day in the Bays!

Anyone who can help with organisation and sausage sizzle on the day please email:

To register your family please go to: then click St Joseph’s Takapuna and enter your details. 

The more the merrier so lets get on board this great event!

Parish News

Parish Centenary

This year St Joseph’s Parish, Takapuna, is celebrating it’s 100th birthday. There are a number of events that will occur this year as part of the celebration. 

Nine novena Masses, beginning Sunday 10 March. Weekday novena Masses will be at 7 pm. Saturday novena Mass will be at 9 am and the Sunday Masses at the usual time. The novena will be a special time of gratitude to God for the journey of our faith community, and a time of prayer for our present needs.

Feast of St Joseph Mass, celebrated by Bishop Pat Dunne, Tuesday 19 March, 7 pm. This will the Centenary Mass for the Parish.

Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation lessons begin this Wednesday 20 February. They are held in our school office block beginning 6.30pm. If you are interested in your child participating or have any questions about the Parish Sacramental Programme, please contact Edwin at

Thank you for ensuring your child is in the correct uniform

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