Reminder – Where to Access School Fee Statements & Tax Receipts


As we near the end of the school year, just a quick message re how to access your child’s school fee statement and tax receipts.

Prior to this year, the statements were sent home with the children. However since launching our @School parent app, it’s become far easier for you to access them whenever you like.

Simply log into your app and click on the black “Accounts” icon. This will take you to a field where you can download the statements and tax receipts (see screenshot below).

Please keep in mind the account statements will not be entirely up-to-date as presently we need to enter the deposits into our system manually, which happens several times each month (eventually our accounting system will be able to update the app more immediately.

If you require tax statements for previous years (other than 2020/2021) or for students who have left St Joseph’s, please email your request to Lizzy Thoresen

And just a reminder, 2021 Attendance Dues should be paid prior to the end of Term 4.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Lizzy and she’ll be happy to assist.

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