Principal’s Message – 06 May, 2022



Dear Parents / Caregivers

We’ve had a great first week back for the term. The students have enjoyed catching up with their friends, both in their team and across the school. 

Thank you for all your support with the drop-off and pick-up routine. The routines are working well, ensuring the children are arriving and leaving safely.

While we’ve had low COVID case numbers, we are continuing to see students impacted by it this term. We will notify parents of the first case in their child’s class, where a child has been at school and could have potentially been infectious. This will allow parents the opportunity to watch for symptoms.

We continue to strongly encourage students to wear masks, for their health, and the health of the students we have in in our school community who are vulnerable. Thank you for supporting this guideline as it ensures that all parents can be confident that their children are being cared for in our school environment.

Happy Mother’s Day to the many mothers and grandmothers in our school community. May you have a very special Sunday this weekend.

The following topics will be covered in this weeks Principal Message

  • Welcome
  • Household Isolation
  • Absence Notification
  • Kakapo Scientist

Ka manaakitia e te Atua

Alister Bridgman



A big welcome to …

Aileen, Hayley, Isla, Luca, Marco, Ryker, Noelle, Alexander, Ethereal, Angeline, Lucas, Olivia & Aaron

We know they will have a wonderful time here at St Joseph’s.  😀 


If your child develops COVID overnight or over the weekend, please notify the school.

If your child is in household isolation and then develops COVID, again please notify the office.

The COVID Unite website contains the latest Ministry of Health guidelines for people experiencing COVID.


On days your child is absent, please use the link on the school web page to notify the school website. Please could the notification be sent through before 9 am.


The BIG Friday Surprise

By Izzy, Azariah and Katie

On Friday Kakapo team got a BIG surprise when we went to the hall. We met Blair, the scientist who was lighting soapy bubbles on FIRE! We felt so excited. We could hear screams of joy as the rest of Kakapo Team joined us.

After the team had arrived, Blair showed us how to make an explosion with chemicals, by mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Iodide. It went everywhere. It was like an elephant trumpeting out bubbles. Then he showed us how to make a balloon pop by running alcohol going down a ramp to a little flame. The flame went up the ramp and popped the balloon.  It was so cool! Blair also made a ping pong ball shooter and if you caught a ping pong ball, you got to keep it.

The funniest part was at the end, when we went outside and he did a big explosion with liquid nitrogen. The plastic balls shot up into the air so fast and smashed to the ground.

We all loved it because we learnt so much. We LOVE Science!

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