Newsletter 2019/6 – March 12


2019 / 6 – March 12


A big welcome to …

Deon, Ivana, Logan, Maddie, Michaela, Ria, Zeus

We know they will have a wonderful time here at St Joseph’s

Ash Wednesday

The 6th of March was Ash Wednesday.  It marked the beginning of Lenten season. It is the beginning of the forty day season of Lent that leads to Easter.  Students, teachers, parents and parishioners got ashes marked as a cross on their foreheads.

The ashes were prepared by burning palm leaves from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebrations.

All years zero to six students attended the liturgy at 2 pm.  We all walked to church at 1.45 pm. We all sat down and Mr Bridgman raised his hand and we all quietened down, then the liturgy started.

Father Christopher was the priest for the liturgy.  We all listened to the gospel reading. The gospel reading is about not showing off when you do good deeds or when you go without eating.  We should never show off because Father in Heaven can still see what have done in private and he will reward us.

After the Gospel reading, a few teachers came up and the priest placed crosses on their foreheads and gave the bowls full of ashes to them.  They then placed crosses on our foreheads. These crosses are a sign that we will turn away from sin, and be more like Jesus.

By Madeline – School Reporter

Marble Writing

Goop goes the marble in the wet paint.

It rolls and rolls.

We had to wear an apron otherwise we would get paint on us.

Written by Zoe HG 7

If I was a marble it would feel like I hurt myself.

It was fun because I rolled the marble in the box and I put my hands in the bucket with the blue water.

Written by Cail HG 7

I made a cool picture and we put marbles in the paint.

After our teacher dried our pictures then it was lunchtime.

Written by Seth HG 7

I made a picture.

I made it like this.

I got a marble it was covered in paint.

I rolled it in a box on paper.

Written by Sam HG 7

At writing I did some marble painting.

It got messier and messier, until it was way messier.

So messy that it looked like it was smashed.

When it was finished it looked like a piece of lava bleeding.

Written by Aaron HG 7

Inspiring Our Authors

Lightning Fire

Lightning flying through the sky,

Deadly fire dancing across the sky,

Lightning zapping and crashing through the night sky,

Zig zagging forks through the sky,

Thunder crashing to the ground,

Flaming fire through the ground,

Heart squeaking,

Flames boom crash on the ground,

Galaxy lightning in the sky.

Written by Ella HG 13

Supporting Our Writing Programme

Debbie Pratt is having a training session for all parents interested in learning more about the way we help children gain the skills required for written language.

The programme we use at St Joseph’s School is based on individual children receiving adult assistance as they begin to write.  Therefore, we are most appreciative of any help you can give in the classroom any morning, Monday to Thursday, from approximately 9.10 a.m. for about an hour. This session will be held in the staffroom on Thursday 14th March at 2.00 p.m.  All parents who would like to help with our story writing programme should attend this session, if possible. It is crucial that we are consistent with our method of helping the children.

All parents are welcome to attend, even if your circumstances do not allow you to help in class.

Fiafia Night

Chocolate Fundraiser

Please Return All Money

Thank you to everyone for their support of the current chocolate fundraiser – we very much appreciate everyone’s efforts.  As you know, there are prizes (an i-pad mini and Bluetooth speakers) for the children who sell the most boxes. We obviously have some fantastic salespeople within our school who have done a great job of selling multiple boxes!  

Once you have sold your chocolates, please direct debit the funds into the PTFA bank account:

12-3026-0316672-00 including: Particulars: [Your child’s name]; Code: [Your child’s home group]; Reference: [CHOC].

Alternatively, you can return the money to the PTFA, who will be outside the school office on Friday 15th Mar between 8.15-8.45 am.  Please also return any unsold chocolate bars to the PTFA immediately. 

Note that each box contains $60 worth of chocolates, so please make sure you return either the full amount of cash or a combination of cash and unsold bars to the PTFA.

Thank you again for all your support.

Travelling During the School Term

As a school we receive a number of requests from parents seeking permission for their children to go on family trips during the school term. We are unable to give permission for children to be absent from school.

NZ law requires all children aged 5 through to 16 to attend school on the days that schools are open. The Ministry of Education provides families the opportunity to travel with their children four times a year, during the school holiday breaks. 

If children go on family trips they will miss their regular school programme. An individual programme for children travelling will not be provided by the Home Group teacher. 

It is important that parents advise the school office of any intended absence from school.

Shore To Shore

What: Shore to Shore Fun Run! 

When: Sunday March 31 – 9 am start

Where: Starts at Takapuna Grammar and ends at Milford Reserve. The unique North Harbour run takes in the beautiful Takapuna and Milford Beaches along the way.

Why: This event brings together the North Shore community and supports our school by providing us with an opportunity to raise funds for much-needed sports gear.

Who: Get your friends, parents, Aunties, Uncles and even Grandparents together, dress them up, and join us for a fun day in the Bays!

Help: Anyone who can help with organisation and/or a sausage sizzle on the day please email:

How: To register your family please go to: then click St Joseph’s Takapuna and enter your details. 


Centennial Prayer

We gather under our patron, St Joseph, husband of Mary,

guardian of Jesus, and patron of the universal church.

We thank you for the many blessings you have given our parish

throughout the years.

Bless us with the grace to build on this rich heritage,

developing our community of faith, and serving you as missionary disciples

of your Son on Auckland’s North Shore.

Watch over our parish, our schools, and all who need your care.

Inspire our vision for the future,

as we work together for Your greater glory.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


St Joseph,

you heard God’s call and responded with faith.

Pray for us.

St Luke,

you proclaimed to us the good news of Jesus’ compassion.

Pray for us.

St Vincent de Paul,

you devoted yourself to service of the poor.

Pray for us. 

Centennial Celebrations

Nine novena Masses, beginning Sunday 10th March. Weekday novena Masses will be at 7 pm. Saturday novena Mass will be at 9 am and the Sunday Masses at the usual time. The novena will be a special time of gratitude to God for the journey of our faith community, and a time of prayer for our present needs.

Feast of St Joseph Mass, celebrated by Bishop Patrick Dunn, Tuesday 19th March, 7 pm. This will be the Centenary Mass for the Parish. Home Groups will be attending the 9.15 am Mass that day, representing our St Joseph’s school community on this special day for the Parish.

Thank you for ensuring your child is in the correct uniform

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