Newsletter 2019/19 – June 14


2019/19 – June 14

2019 – 2022 Board of Trustees

Congratulations to …

Monsignor David Tonks, Gallo Boyle, Anna Casey, and Tressa Joseph, who have been appointed by Bishop Patrick Dunn to be on our Board. Congratulations to  Bridget Allen, Vanessa Bates, Riann Geldenhuys, Janie Ryder and Paula Vitali, who have been elected to the Board. They will all be joined by Natasha Luxford, who has been appointed by the staff, and Alister Bridgman, Principal.

Together they, ‘The Board’, will support the staff in achieving our school vision;

Inspiring children,

through Catholic Education,

to love God,

to love learning


to give fully of themselves

Term 2 – Week 8

Monday 17 June

9.15 am  – School Prayers

Tuesday 18 June

Student Led Talent Show – Year 3/4 Auditions

Wednesday 19 June 

Lunch time clubs – Drama / Hockey / Culture

Thursday 20 June

8.15 am – Choir

Student Led Talent Show – Year 5/6  Auditions

Friday 21 June

Mandarin Lessons

Student Led Talent Show – Year 5/6 Auditions



Louie HG 9

I liked the classroom because it had a pitchfork and it had a bellow.

I liked the trampoline because there was a tv. I nearly did a back flip. I got 28 points on the trampoline.

The tv was on a game. It was an alien game. The point of the game was you had to get the alien in the homes. There were four aliens.

Mason HG 9

I like the cars because there was a tv in front of the car. I had three minutes in the car. 

Then my group went to the fire fighters station. We saw medals. Some were gray and some were gold. The medals had ribbons.

Next it was time to ride the old train. It was too late but the fire station was close to the train.

At last we went into the train. I was sitting with Daniel. I played I spy. The driver was so kind. We all took a photo.

Elijah HG 8

My whole class were going to the bus so we could go to MOTAT. Then when we got there we first had lunch inside the dome.

First we did a scavenger hunt then we did a picture on the MOTAT sign. We did games and we drew pictures like rocket ships and trains. The we coloured our pictures.

The last thing we had to do was the train ride. When the train ride was finished we went to the bus, then we went back to school.

Kakapo Beach Day

Toy Story 4

Eat My Lunch

You are able to order lunches through eat my lunch on a Wednesday. They are delivered to school. Families simply login before Monday 5 pm and place their order and payment online. The order is automatically generated for the food supplier, ready for preparation and delivery. Every school lunch you buy gives a lunch to a Kiwi Kid who would otherwise go without.

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