Newsletter – 2019/29 – September 9


2019/29 – September 9

Principal’s Message

On Wednesday morning last week Team kakariki led the Parish Mass. In the afternoon Home Groups 15 and 17 had their liturgy. They were both wonderful celebrations of Our Lord and both focused on Our Lord’s creation. The students sang beautifully and the students who read prayers and readings did so with a lovely clear voice.

At the Mass a group of students did a liturgical dance to the song ‘Love Song to the Earth. The theme for the Mass was Tapu: Caring for our world. The students had drawn lovely pictures related to the theme. These were displayed along the altar rail. Father Martin talked to the students about appreciating the world in which we live today. Not worrying about the past or the future, rather enjoying and giving thanks for what we have today.

The theme of Home Groups 15 and 17 liturgy was the creation story. On the windows in the staffroom were lovely bright creation pictures the students had drawn. Each student had a part to play in the liturgy, reading what was on their card. It was a very special liturgy for all those in attendance.

On Sunday McAuley House had their Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s Church. It was wonderful to see so many McAuley families at this Mass. The students who did the readings and prayers spoke well. A special shout out to the choir who sang beautifully. Thank you to those who supported the students and to Monsignor for his excellent homily. 

This week is Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori. Māori Language week has been celebrated each year since 1975. Māori Language Day is September 14 and commemorates the presentation of the 1972 Māori language petition to parliament. New Zealand is revitalising the Māori language and a part of that is a celebration of our success and promoting te reo Māori. Māori language week is an opportunity for concentrated celebration, promotion and encouragement. Every minute of every hour of every day is a Māori language minute – we can choose to use te reo – every time we do, even just a ‘Kia ora!’ contributes to the revitalisation. 

The chosen theme for 2019 is ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’. ‘Kia Kaha’ is well understood in New Zealand English with its meaning of ‘be strong’. We often talk about languages as if they are people – talking about language health, strength and revitalisation. So when we say ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ we’re saying  – ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong’.

As a school we will be celebrating Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori by going out onto Taharoto Rd to sing waiata. This will be happening at 12 noon Tuesday September 10 (tomorrow). Whanau are welcome to join us.

Term 3 Week 8


Monday 9 September

8.50 am – School Prayers – School Hall

Lunch Time Clubs – Kapa Haka

Tuesday 10 September

12.00 – Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori – Taharoto Rd

Lunch Time Clubs – Chess

Wednesday 11 September

Lunch Time Club – Kidzcan Drama

2.00 pm – Home Groups 16, 18, 19 Liturgy – Staffroom

Thursday 12 September

8.15 am – NO Choir

8.00 am – Team Kea Sharing the Learning

9.00 am – Team Kea Liturgy – Hall

1.30 pm – Cultural Afternoon

Friday 13 September


12.40 pm – Rugby Skills Clinic

1.45 – 2.45 – Team Kakapo Sharing the Learning

St Joseph’s School Disco

Thursday September 19

Years 0 – 3        6 – 7 pm

Years 4 – 6        7 – 8 pm

Bring along the children and your dancing shoes for a great evening of entertainment


Sharing the Learning

This week we see the first of our teams ‘Sharing the Learning’. This is an opportunity for parents/whanau to come and celebrate the learning their tamariki have achieved throughout this term. It is a part of our reporting process and is a very important part of our focus for students to be responsible for their learning. This is their time to show you the progress they have made and to discuss their learning with you. Listed below are the dates and times for each Team’s ‘Sharing the Learning’. If you are unable to make this time due to work commitments we encourage you to come at a time that works for the home group teacher and yourself.

Parents are always welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child’s learning at any stage through the year with the home group teacher. 

Thursday 12 September

8.00 – 8.50 am – Team Kea (HGs 7 – 9)

Friday 13 September

1.45 – 2.45 pm – Team Kakapo (HGs 10 – 14)

Wednesday 25 September

8.00 – 8.50 am – Team Kakariki (HGs 1 – 5)

Team Kiwi (HGs 15 – 19) have their own programme of reporting which you have been informed about.

Sky Tower

Yesterday Kea Team went to the Sky Tower.  We travelled by bus.  We were excited.  First 9 groups went to the theatre.  We learnt about New Zealand.  After that we went in an elevator.  We went up and up until it opened up.  We could see Auckland.  We watched the sky divers.  It looked scary.  After we went to the sky deck.  It was the first time I had been up it.  I loved looking from so high up.

Jeremy HG 8

Yesterday I went to the sky tower.  I was with my mum.  Lily and Willow were with me too.  We caught a bus there.  First we went up the Sky Tower.  I saw lots of buildings and trees.  We also saw Rangitoto, One Tree Hill, Waiheke Island and lots of parks.  Next we went to the place for if there is a fire.  We also saw people bungy jumping.  Next we saw lots of videos about the Sky Tower.  Then we caught a bus back.  My favourite part was when we saw the bungy jumpers.

Zoe HG 7

Yesterday we went on a Sky Tower trip by bus.  My parent was Corey’s mum.  When we got there we watched a video.  Then we went in the lift.  It was my first time in the Sky Tower.  I was scared looking down, but it was still fun.  There were lots of levels.  Some kids were jumping on the thick glass floor.  There was a sign that said you could walk on the glass.  I came back on the bus with Seth.

Matthew HG 7

Yesterday we went to the Sky Tower.  First we went to a movie.  It was about New Zealand.  We went on a bus to get there and I saw All Black stuff in the shop.  The elevator was scary and fun and it was also awesome.  I could see Rangitoto and war ships and the bank and the harbour bridge.  Did you know that the sky tower is 8 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower?  I liked watching the bungy jumpers.  I remember there was a scared guy but he did it.

Joe HG 9  

Social Justice Week

During Social Justice Week this year (September 8-14), we are invited to focus on the issue of fairness. In our world, which is tainted by unfairness, we are challenged to open our eyes to what is not just, and to be inspired to be instruments that will bring fairness and justice in our homes, schools, communities and the wider world. Catholic social teaching guides us to respect each other as we are all God’s creation and have an inherent human dignity. We are called to love even those who may treat us unfairly. Our greatest challenge is to follow the example of Jesus and work for justice in all that we do. 

At St Joseph’s this week we will be looking at how we reflect Tika (justice) in our school day. Tika is one of our Mercy values. 

Family Photos

Do you have your family photo on our school grapevine? In the corridor of our administration block we have a grapevine. On the leaves of the grapevine are photos of the families of our school community. We would love to have all our families on this grapevine. If you are new to our school community please consider emailing or bringing in a family photo. We are happy to photocopy the original photo that you bring in. If you are not sure if your family’s photo is on the grapevine please feel free to come and check out our grapevine or get your child to do this for you.


Community Sports

Check out the CRICKET notice on Community Notices – Link

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Check out the TENNIS notice on Community Notices – Link

Community Notices

Check out the St Mary’s College Homestay Families Wanted notice on Community Notices – Link

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