Additional bus service

This to advice that starting from Monday the 19th Auckland Transport will be putting an extra S047 service for Morning and afternoon to help with the current capacity issue .

The morning 047 will depart HBC from Stop B at 7.35am and follow the same route.

The afternoon 047 will depart Carmel college from stop 4498 at 3.21pm, right behind the current 047.

This bus will terminate at Silverdale Centre stop ID 4501. The bus will have a destination sign as Silverdale, so the students are not confused. Please advice all the students travelling in between these stops to please utilise this new service. We would encourage the students who are travelling to Gulf Harbour to please use the current service, so they are both utilised better.

2024-02-16T14:45:27+00:00 16th February 2024|